Floral Bikini

Florals are everywhere and this also holds true for bikinis!  If you love flowers and floral prints, you’ll be happy to know that you can find floral patterns on bikinis as well.  There are plenty of swimsuit designs that feature flowers, the only real issue is to find one you like!  When you do find one you like, the next hurdle is to find the right fit. I was lucky enough to find an online store, TeenyB Bikini Couture. They have some really cute floral and unique prints plus have the best fitting bikinis I’ve ever owned. Not only is the fit amazing but the quality is also incredible.

Bikinis inevitably wear out, it’s just the nature of the suit.  When you do find a floral bikini you love to wear, extend the life of that bikini for as long as possible by taking good care of it.  There are two things that quickly wear out a bikini: heat and chemicals.  If there are showers at the beach or pool, go for a rinse.  Chemicals and salt water can slowly damage a suit by wearing down its elasticity and simply rinsing it off goes a long way.  When you can, wash the bikini with warm warm and a mild soap.  To dry, just hang it up or lay it flat on a towel.  Never roll it up in a towel.  It’ll trap heat and that’ll wear out the suit.  Also never put the suit in the washer and dryer.  When you’re wearing the bikini, pay attention to where you sit.  Even flat surfaces like the edge of a pool can have a fine gritty surface that can snag onto your bottoms, so if you can, sit on a towel and you’ll avoid turning your bikini fuzzy.

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